Ephrata Community Hospital

Rehab Services


Phone: 717-738-7979

The Rehab Center (outpatient) and Ephrata Community Hospital's Rehab Services (inpatient) programs provide a full range of quality rehabilitation services including physical therapy and industrial rehabilitation (in partnership with Benchmark Medical Inc.), occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

The Inpatient Rehab Services Program provides therapy and rehabilitation services to medical/surgical patients and Acute Rehab patients who are staying at the Ephrata Community Hospital.

The inpatient and outpatient rehab programs work together to give patients seamless transitions from one level of care to another.

For more information about outpatient rehabilitation services at any of our locations, call the Rehab Center at 717-738-7979.

Services Include:

Speech Pathology Services for Children and Adults

Ephrata Community Hospital’s certified speech pathologists assess and treat a variety of conditions to help adults and children improve the quality of their speech, boost their self-esteem and enrich their lives.

Occupational Therapy for Children and Adults

At Ephrata Community Hospital, we take a holistic approach to occupational therapy. We don’t just focus on the physical aspects of healing, but on the cognitive, perceptual and psychological aspects, as well. This helps our patients quickly and confidently resume normal activities at home, at work and at play, ensuring quality of life and building self-esteem.

Physical Therapy

Outpatient physical therapy services are available for patients through a partnership between Ephrata Community Hospital and Benchmark Medical Inc. Physical Therapy services can benefit anyone who has experienced back pain, sprains, strains, fractures, strokes, and auto or workers compensation related injuries.  For more information about physical therapy services, visit www.TheRehabCenterPT.com.