Ephrata Community Hospital

Pain Management Center

4150 Barret Blvd., Ephrata
Phone: 717-738-6782

Pain can be constant, frustrating, a nuisance, and sometimes even necessary. Pain is your body's way of sending warning signals to your brain.

When there is an injury, tiny receptor cells send messages along nerves in your spinal cord to your brain. By using medicines, injection therapy or the power of your own thoughts, you can reduce or even eliminate pain for a more satisfying and healthy life. Whether your pain is intermittent or constant, you just want it to go away. 

Ephrata Community Hospital has a Pain Management Center to help individuals control, reduce or eliminate pain. The center believes that patients have the right to all appropriate pain management options available. 

The Pain Management Center treats both acute and chronic pain sufferers. Acute pain usually lasts a short time and is often the result of an injury, surgery, or illness. Chronic pain is a pain that continues well beyond the expected healing time of the original injury or condition.

The staff at the Pain Management Center works with each patient to create a treatment plan that works best for that individual. The staff will assess lifestyle needs and what medical and behavioral therapies can benefit the patient most.

What Options Are Available?

There are many ways to treat pain. The Pain Management Center focuses on interventional techniques, lifestyle and behavioral counseling, and physical therapy. Review of Medical Management may include any one technique or a combination of medications, nerve block therapy, epidural steroid injections, selective nerve root blocks, sympathetic blocks, spinal cord stimulation, radio frequency cyroablation, and epidural blood patches. Lifestyle and Behavioral Counseling can provide chronic pain education, stress management, biofeedback and relaxation training.Physical Therapy can offer physical conditioning, therapeutic manipulation, hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation therapy, functional capacities assessment, and body mechanics education.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

First, talk to your doctor. If you and your physician feel you could benefit from further treatment for your pain, your physician can refer you to the Pain Management Center. The staff at the center will evaluate you, review your medical history and what treatment methods have been tried. An individual comprehensive plan of care will be developed.