Ephrata Community Hospital

Intensive Care Unit

2nd Floor, Main Hospital
Phone: 717-738-6425

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Ephrata Community Hospital provides personalized nursing care to serious or critically ill patients. The department is staffed by specially trained nurses who use modern technology combined with personalized attention. The ICU was renovated and opened to patients in 1998. The unit features larger patient rooms to accommodate the different types of equipment often required by patients in this area.

Patients are admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for different reasons, but they all require intensive monitoring and nursing care. Our goal in the ICU is to help patients survive a life-threatening event and to help them return home to a normal, healthy life.

A note to family members...

Visiting hours in the ICU are open to all visitors and support persons. Limit two visitors at a time.

Frequent phone calls take our nurses away from giving patient care. Please select one family member to be the contact person and to make phone calls about the patient's condition. Because the ICU is especially busy during the hours of 6-8 AM and 2-4 PM, please do not call during these hours.

For more information about the Intensive Care Unit, call 717-738-6425.