Ephrata Community Hospital

Pediatric Services

3rd Floor, Main Hospital
Phone: 717-738-6377

Ephrata Community Hospital offers a warm, cheerful nine-bed private room pediatric unit staffed with nurses who are skilled and experienced in childcare.

For the child's comfort, we invite one parent (or parent substitute 18 years or older) to remain with your child at any time day or night. If you are spending the night, a bathroom with a shower is available on the unit. We also offer a complimentary breakfast. Each room is equipped with a telephone and a cot to accommodate sleeping overnight.

Parent(s), support persons, and legal guardians may visit at anytime. Other family members and friends may visit at the discretion of the parent(s). During flu season and other illness outbreaks, Pediatric Unit visitation restrictions will be posted.

Remember that you and the hospital are partners in helping your child to a speedy recovery. We encourage you to assist in any way you are comfortable.

Our physicians and nurses are here to meet the special needs of your children and are committed to making your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Take a Tour

Visit the hospital ahead of time with your child to learn more about what it will be like. Ephrata Community Hospital offers a free orientation program to help familiarize children and their parents with the hospital surroundings. For more information, call 717-738-6377