Ephrata Community Hospital

Clinical Trials

Research is the vital component in finding answers to many of the diseases that confront us. The goal is not only to lengthen life expectancy but also to improve the quality of that life. The information gathered in clinical trials is important to the development of useful treatments for cancer, thus research is being conducted at a furious pace. The clinical trials program is part of Ephrata Community Hospital's affiliation with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

A clinical trial includes three phases. Phase I seeks to answer questions of safety such as, what is the correct dose? And what are the side effects? Phase II looks at how the drug works and what cancers the drug is effective against. Phase III compares the new drug to the current standard treatment and requires a large number of participants.

The cancer research program at Ephrata affords patients the opportunity to participate in Phase III clinical trials without having to travel while assisting sponsors with reaching accrual goals at a faster rate.

Clinical trials currently offered at The Ephrata Cancer Center include Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, and Melanoma. For more information, please talk with your family physician or contact the Ephrata Cancer Center Clinical Trials Coordinator at 717-721-4840.