Ephrata Community Hospital


Commission on Cancer (CoC) Approved Program

Only one in four hospitals that treat cancer receive this special approval. It recognizes the quality of comprehensive cancer care available and offers a commitment that you will have access to all of the various medical specialists who are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Approval by the CoC is given only to those facilities that have voluntarily committed to provide the best in diagnosis and treatment of cancers. To meet the standards necessary for Commission approval, each cancer program, and the organization that controls it, must undergo a rigorous evaluation process and a review of its performance. In order to maintain approval, facilities with approved cancer programs must undergo an onsite review every three years.

The CoC Approvals Program encourages hospitals, treatment centers, and other facilities to improve their quality of patient care through various cancer-related programs. These programs are concerned with prevention, early diagnosis, pretreatment evaluation, staging, optimal treatment, rehabilitation, surveillance for recurrent disease and multiple primary tumors, psychosocial support, and care at the end of life. This availability of a full range of medical services involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer at approved cancer programs has resulted in approximately 80 percent of all newly diagnosed cancer patients being treated in Commission on Cancer approved cancer programs.

For more information on the Commission on Cancer, visit www.facs.org/cancer/.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and the Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center Network

Ephrata Community Hospital is affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and the Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center Network in Philadelphia. This affiliation provides our patients with access to genetic testing and clinical trials as well as the latest developments in cancer research, technology, and treatment. Physicians in the network consult with each other and patients have a greater opportunity to benefit from innovative treatment options closer to home. This affiliation also provides local access to education opportunities for the physicians and nursing staff at Ephrata Community Hospital.

For more information, visit www.kimmelcancercenter.org/kcc/JCN/index.html.

American College of Radiation Oncology

The American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO) Practice Accreditation Program began in 1995 and consists of standards of practice for Radiation Oncology.  Accreditation is voluntary and is most often chosen because of a program’s commitment to quality.  An audit of the practice is conducted to assure that ACRO standards of safe and effective radiation oncology practice are being followed.  These standards are continually evaluated and updated to reflect present standards of practice.  

Practice auditing includes:
• Evaluating equipment in relationship to disease sites  treated, appropriate quantity of equipment for patient load, and function of equipment.
• Type of staff and quality of staff in terms of certification and educational commitment.
• Peer review against current accepted standards of practice according to the patient diagnosis.
• Site visit following initial evaluation of the survey documents to verify data submitted and clarify staff knowledge and any clinical case reviewer issues.  

Full accreditation is for a period of three years and demonstrates a program’s commitment to quality in Radiation Oncology.